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What's New
This is the brand new What's New section.Pyro now maintains and updates this page.

4/26/97 Added this What's New Section. Thought it would be a good idea. Send any questions or comments about it to

4/27/97 Added the "Click Here to Vote This Site as a Starting Point Hot Site". Changed the look of the What's New page a little. Got three new entries into my Dreambook. Also, added the "Read This!" at the bottom of the main page.

4/29/97 Added 7 new links to the Larisa Links section. Added the Wemasters at the end of the Main Page. Also, got 3 new entries into my Dreambook.

4/30/97 Added some more links to Larisa Links. I hope to have Larisa Larisa Larisa completed by the target date of May 10, 1997.

4/31/97 Added 13 more links to Larisa Links. Got 3 new entries into my Dreambook.

5/1/97 Added the Webmasters section on the main page. Got 8 new entries into my dreambook. Wow!

5/2/97 I have let Pyro join the team in working on this website. I have also added him to the webmasters section that is on the main page. Got 4 more entries in my Dreambook. Please sign it!

5/3/97 Added a new weekly counter. Also won the "Sorta Cool" Award. Got 2 new entries in my dreambook.

5/4/97 I have added 2 new team-members Zathras and DevB. Got 2 new entries in my Dreambook.

5/5/97 Got 5 new entries in my Dreambook.

5/6/97 Added a Nescape version of the homepage. Only 1 new Dreambook entry today.

5/7/97 Added a Scrawl Wall to the main page. Have not got another entry to the Dream Book yet. Welcome TIM, Vivek and Romeo DiCaprio to the team. Larisa Larisa Larisa has a new look thanks to Romeo DiCaprio.

5/9/97 Put on a form to recieve updates on the main page.

5/10/97 Check out Larisa Larisa Larisa. We added a Larisa Forum.

5/11/97 Want to see the awards this site has one? Well then check out the awards page. Also,look at the bottom of the main page for Web Site Promotions.

5/12/97 Nothing much new. Just changed the look a little bit and got one new entry in the dreambook.

6/12/97 Technical problems prevented updates during the previous month. A chat for "frames enabled" browsers is now here. Two new entries in the dreambook.

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