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Larisa Oleynik Information

So, it is information you want, huh? Well, you've come to the right place. In some ways the information on this page is even better than The Unofficial Larisa Oleynik Internet Fan Club's! So, as Kel of Kenan and Kel would say, "Ahhh, here it goes!"
Larisa is going to turn 16 June 7th of this year. That means she will be very mobile! Currently she lives in Los Altos, CA, with her dad Roman J Oleynik when they are not filming The Secret World of Alex Mack. And when they are, Larisa is chilling in L.A. with her mom Lorriane Oleynik in an apartment. Larisa currently attends Pinewood High School, and during filming she has her school work faxed to her. Now she only has three (3) hours of school a day! But appearantly it is enough.
Most people think Larisa is like her alter ego Alex, and in a way Larisa has conformed to being like Alex. Like Alex, she likes to wear hats (From an article I read a while back, she enjoys wearing fishing hats now!), she sometimes wears plaid pants, and has become a little more self concoius of her looks when out in public. But Larisa is not so shy, and she is more outgoing in life, unlike Alex.
Larisa is killer over the band No Doubt, a mix of Alternative and pop in one band! I recently went to a No Doubt concert, and I can see now why sh has gone to 3 No Doubt concerts. Larisa is into new Ska/Swing/Pop/Jazz/Alternative bands. Larisa favors one new one called , which is a mix of .
Larisa is now appearing onCelebrity Sightings every month now. Celebrity Sightings is the home of real time live chat with Larisa Oleynik!!!!
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